Have you supported your favorite open source projects with small donations rcently?

Help out, lots of small donations can make a huge difference! You know those devs deserve a little support!

@fribbledom Code, design, helpful bug issues, testing, or even simply nice words: there are also many ways to help if you have more time than money.

Being kind and helpful also really is appreciated (and often mandatory for projects with a public Code of Conduct)!

@thibaultamartin @fribbledom

Mandatory kindness and helpfulness have not bode well in the past...

@LienRag @fribbledom Here it's not the law of a whole country, it's just "if you want to contribute to the project, be helpful and be kind, or find another project"

I have a 12x12 list... Every month i donate 12e to a different project i love :)

I haven't, because I have legit not found a project that:
- I find useful enough to donate to
- isn't already well funded or corporately backed
- accepts donations
People keep saying FOSS has a money problem, but the money problem begins with donation inaccessibility...

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