Not everything's shit on the Internet:

If you told me 20 years ago that something like Wikipedia would be functioning without turning into the scribble-wall of a massive virtual bathroom stall, I would have laughed at you.

@fribbledom the solution was requiring the scribbles have citations

@cinebox @fribbledom we could try this in bathroom stalls too:

JD loves c**** [citation needed]

@Cheeseness @fribbledom for what wiki would be like without those janitors, see 4ch/b/

Some of them have unfortunately proclaimed themselves obsessive/possessive gatekeepers. Ain't Nobody got time for that kind of grief, so I mainly fix typos and broken links instead.

@fribbledom to be fair it's only because it's waaaayy too overzealously moderated. go try make a change and not have it be reverted

@fribbledom counter: if you'd told me then, that Wikipedia would turn into a giant turfwar, with feudal islands defending 'their' content, I would not have believed it either. Yet here we are. That shit is often worse than Stackoverflow.

@fribbledom I know. Wikipedia is far from perfect but do all its critics accept unquestioningly the words in other encyclopedias?

It's like critics of Michael Moore documentaries who have nothing to say about the bias in daily news, or people who suddenly cry 'all lives matter' only after the black lives matter campaign took off.

@fribbledom So much for the tragedy of the commons! Now it's more like the tragedy of the comment sections.

@fribbledom They don't even maintain the bots either. They are all done by the community.

@fribbledom Wikipedia is such a great microcosm of society, too. There are definitely parts that are the equivalent of back alleys scrawled with graffiti and infested with flies and rats—but there are also parts that are extremely well ordered and pleasant.

What amazes me is how much of the latter there is despite an extremely light touch from the "management"

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