Whether you're a 3D object designer or maker, stop using the STL format and switch to 3MF now!

Not only will you get smaller files, it can also handle and store more information like geometry, units, material & properties, or color data.

@fribbledom I have not been a fan so far, 3mf always seems to mess up my settings somehow in the prusa slicer. (perhaps I should retry, it's been a while)

But assuming proper software support, I agree with the statement in general.

@fribbledom not everything supports it though, eg Tinkercad (yes I know it is a beginners tool but handy for quick prototypes) only does STL and OBJ exports. STL seems to come in two different types a plain text version and a binary version which is much smaller.

@fribbledom What's the best format to export Blender () models to a 3D printer?

Also, this is not standardized in any way, but AC3D

@fribbledom can you import/export that from blender yet? I had some scientific data exploration software export a 3mf on me a while ago and I had to convert it first.

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