Woohoo, Hacktoberfest approved! You can still join the fun until Oct 31st (and win your own t-shirt to prove it)!

If you're looking for projects to contribute to, chat me up.

I don't know go, do you have anything easy to contribute to?


Which languages do you already know? Although I can always recommend learning 😂

gitomatic, docker-backup, crunchy or gamut might be easy to contribute to, due to their limited scope.

I am comfortable contributing in JavaScript, Python, and PHP. Though I could contribute to a go project if it is easy enough. I will look at the code for those and hopefully throw in a PR or two. :-)


Sounds awesome! I've probably recommended it before, but if you already know those languages, maybe this video helps you learning Go:

And never hesitate to ask or open unfinished pull requests. I'm happy to guide you through it!

@fribbledom Your fault 😉:
‪Yay! I just made my first open source contribution with @1stcontribution. You can too at‬

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