My personal highlights here are "The Secret of Monkey Island" and "WipeOut".

I still adore pretty much everything about the first two Monkey Island games ❤️

@Parnikkapore @fribbledom Incredible machine, yeah!!! Remember in the 90.... when we were in school and draw "machines" on grid paper to rebuild them after school, just awesome 😎

@fribbledom @nrn flashbacks of playing Qbasics Gorilla because it was the only thing no one "terminated" to stop us from procrastinating. :flan_cheer:

@fribbledom I recently loaded up the Secret of Monkey Island soundtrack on my phone and had that as my driving music for several days. The music alone got one of my partners interested in trying the game, so I set them up with ScummVM and the files. :)

@fribbledom I enjoyed the "Space Quest" games when I was younger. They don't have my favorite on there, but they have several others. :)

@fribbledom When I played the original Monkey Island a few years ago it glitched out right at the very end and I lost my save 😭

Apart from that it was wonderful though! The sword fighting insults are still among my favourite adventure game mechanics/jokes

@fribbledom Woah, I didn’t realize WipeOut was ever on anything but PlayStation and N64.

The creators of Monkey Island created a new game in 2017 with crowd funding. It's called "Thimbleweed Park," and it's available on most platforms. My fiance and I played through it in about 3 days on my .

@fribbledom They have one of my favorites, Hard Nova. That was the spiritual successor to Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic which is probably my first game crush. Any game you can start by hacking to optimize your ship... lovely.

@fribbledom PRINCESS MAKER. I had completely forgotten about that game.

Also I played the shit out of all the LucasArts games. They were hilarious masterpieces. But I don't think I ever managed to beat Loom.

@fribbledom always had a soft spot for dos era games
i still have a large collection i ripped off of several abandonware sites and gog

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