Bottled water companies don't produce water, they produce plastic bottles.

@fribbledom I'm pretty sure compressed air companies don't make air either


They compress it, though. Ever tried filling your own bottle with compressed air? Works beautifully with drinking water.

@fribbledom I'm missing your point. Don't bottled water companies bottle water too?


The point is: you don't need a company to produce a new bottle and fill it with water for you. Use an existing one and do it yourself.

That's a lot harder to do with compressed air, don't you agree?

@fribbledom well see, when I've bought bottled water myself, I was on the road, and I wasn't usually in a position where I had a bottle I could fill water with, or I didn't have a water source I knew was safe to drink from.
I know they bottled water can seem like consumption for the point of consumption, but there is a purpose to it.


Really missing the point here. I don't mind people on the road buying a bottle of water. If those were the only buyers, the market for it would shrink by roughly 99%.

@fribbledom I think you might be missing my point. I'm not saying that all consumers of bottled water are on the road, but that there are genuine reasons why people buy bottled water. People consume things that seem bad for stupid reasons sometimes, but not all the time.

@fribbledom @cantinto
The water is bad where I live. As in, comes out of the tap brown with an odor bad. I have plastic guilt from drinking bottled, but my other choice is chronic gastric distress.

Dear god, that’s horrible! Where is that, country-wise?


No worries, I don't think anyone would blame you if clean bottled water is your only option!

For many people in this world though, it has become a silly luxury item: where I live, the tap water is actually a lot cleaner and healthier than bottled water.


@fribbledom @cantinto I used to live in a place like that. I miss it. Got priced out of the housing market there.

@fribbledom But if I don't burn 5 barrels of oil and compress at least 3 care bares into cubes during the production of my bottle, it makes the water taste like sadness and despair :{

@fribbledom true. Only, producing those is not their main business. It's distribution and delivery.

I'd say they primarily produce value for their shareholders. Trash and bottles are just a by-product.

@fribbledom this kinda makes me wanna start a company that chemically produces water.

Not seriously, but I find that thought hilarious.


Oh, you just need some hydrogen, some oxygen and a lighter 😂

@fribbledom yep, but natural dihydrigenresources are hard to come by. So I was more thinki g about breaki g other molecums up in the most inefficient manner possible.


because governments are week or don't want to fight against water pollution to support these companies.

Dark Side of Governments 🤬

@ccppurcell @fribbledom For most of my life the only thing I hated was Brussels sprouts then along came Apple

@njohn I use linux on my personal machines, I've had work laptops of both windows and mac varieties. I have to say I preferred working with a mac to windows.

I thought that water was used only to bathe and wash. Judging by your comments you can also drink it. 🤔

@fribbledom biodegradable until now used to mean water soluable. Today we have some technologies for producing a better water bottle.

The problem, as with the entire industry, is that the competition has the advantage of scale, so that the propositions are expensive, meaning they have trouble finding investors.

With the plastic food containers it's the same. There are plenty alternatives, but these cost 1,92 Euro for 500 containers, it will takes centuries if we wait for price alone.

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