Hand on heart: do you regularly backup your data?

@fribbledom I have it semi-automated - scripted it all up to run the backup copies and clean up old backups, but for now I run the script manually (since I haven't figured how how to handle roaming laptop or the offline usb drive yet)

Same here! The script tells me to insert the USB and press a key to continue.

@fribbledom work stuff is fully automated. But I don’t make backups of my personal stuff. Mostly because most of it is online.

@fribbledom none of these options accurately describes my data practices

@fribbledom some of my data is outright not backed up at all

some of my data is backed up and synchronized between computers automatically using things like nextcloud

some of my data is manually synchronized

some substantial portion of the data i care about is inherently part of "the cloud" in such a way that backups aren't a concept that is sensical

@fribbledom the data that is not backed up at all generally is either unimportant or could be recreated from other data

so altogether, despite not having any explicit backup solution, if i permanantly lost access to all of my personal computing devices, very little would be lost

@fribbledom Yes, semi-automatic. I start a script which backups everything automatically.

@fribbledom I don’t backup my computer files because even after two hard drive malfunctions I’ve always been able to get my data off of them. My phone data, tho, I always put onto my comp hard drive when I’m going to get a new one. I don’t really back up any other kinds of data besides files

@fribbledom Where can I vote for: „fully, automated to at least 2 physically and logically independent destinations“?

@fribbledom Using btrfs with snapper tool for hourly snapshots. Weekly or less ;) I use btrbackup to sync them to Hard Drives. On my servers I run restic daily with sshfs as backend to cheap online storage. 99% of the time snapshots cover your emergencies :)

@bionade24 I use snapper but haven't heard of btrbackup before. Looks great. :) Thanks!

@fribbledom Partially automated for the personal data, and fully automated for other things™.

I also now irregularly dump the latest backup on a HDD and carry it to a drawer at work :)

@fribbledom I had to go with manual because all my data is in various clouds.

@fribbledom Yes, but it's a combination of manual and automatic?

@fribbledom that depends on where on the manual–automated spectrum calling rsync falls.

@fribbledom I just submit GDPR requests since google has more of my data than I do

Serious answer: All my important data is either a part of The Cloud(mainly passwords from my password manager) and backed up automatically or backed up manually. I don't explicitly take backups of less important stuff because I'm lazy but I tend to have copies of those things too, just because whenever I get a new device I copy the entirety of my home to that device

@fribbledom Both yes? Workstation is cron'd nightly, game machine my son uses is cron'd @reboot but laptops are manual, but I should put to either @reboot or nightly depending on usage.

@fribbledom next up, "do you regularly do test restores?"


I got a bunch more questions actually, but that so far hasn't been on the list 😂

It's not a bad one though.

@fribbledom I voted Manual buuut...

- Phones and iPad are automatically backed up
- Wife's laptop is auto-backed up to our NAS with Veeam
- My laptop is backed up when I remember with Borg to the NAS
- My NAS is backed up automatically to B2

So, semi-automated.

@fribbledom I still have to plug in the drive by hand but i think that's better than having such an important drive in the network 24/7

@fribbledom I fudged a little. Because I back up to a removable device--which is *not* regularly attached--my backup script is run manually. But the script does the entire backup automatically once started. (Backup is daily, with the occasional miss. A bad hard disk slapped me hard a year ago when I got sloppy!)

@fribbledom Proper computers get fully automated nightly backups with Bacula.

Less trusted devices, such as phones, store all user data in Nextcloud.

@fribbledom "Non-regular manual."
As for the follow up:
I mostly just omit system files. I've got backup HDDs as big as the one in use so I might as well.
I do also backup on USB sticks, but that's just settings files, setup memos and browser bookmarks so setting up a new system is quicker.


Don't be, apparently a lot more people than I expected don't and frankly, it's nowhere as easy as it should be.

Really interested, what's stopping you from making backups?

@fribbledom hmm, honestly I just don't think about. Lack of habit. But, I do a lot less work on my computer than I once did, so i have less to worry about backing up as well.

@fribbledom I need to look into a better solution at some point, but at least for now, the only thing of significant value on my systems is my password databases.So an SFTP push to some other host is "good enough" for now.

@fribbledom photos only are automated through nextcloud. The rest is manually backed up

@fribbledom In my case, the "manually" is maybe a bit of a misnomer: I connect some external drives, run some script, and type a couple of passwords when prompted by the script.

I never did it regularly until a catastrophic error in my VPS almost loses all my data. Now I have a calendar event every week so I don't forget.

@fribbledom I have a Mac for work so I use Time Machine for automatic full system backups. It's awesome.

For home, see other answer 🙂

In both cases I back up to two drives kept in separate places (manually swapped every couple of weeks)

I have a decentralized organic way of backing up my data ...
... which is a fancy way of saying i don't clean up when I move files between hosts.
And the things that I put enough work in to really care about them are kept in git repos which i push to gitlab before every break I take.

@fribbledom I use FreeFileSync, but only when I remember, so, semi-automated, I guess? (I mean, I used to just copy stuff in the past, the whole sync thing does work better. I hope)


Everything I have of value is somewhere online. Now, if google vanished tomorrow, I'd be utterly screwed.

@fribbledom I regularly perform backups, but almost never actually test them.

Yes, but it's not 100% automated yet for every device. On my personal laptop I still have to type "backup" into a terminal each weekend (or whenever I'm doing a backup)

@fribbledom if, "Rarely, manually" were an option I'd be picking that.

@fribbledom i use rsync and i love to use rsync, it's super fast and updates only new or modified content and most important for me it's recoverable after reinstalling the system even on a different username

@fribbledom I use Backblaze with a passphrase on the private encryption key.

@fribbledom 3, 2, 1; all automatic (3 copies, 2 kinds of media, at least 1 off site). All encrypted. Keys backed up, encrypted, in an off-site safe. All done with trusted peers, not cloud providers/corps

Easier to set up than most people assume.

@fribbledom Laptop, yes. iP{hone,ad}, yes. Everything else, uh, not really, no.
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