"Everything that we do now lasts forever, not because we want to remember, but because we're not allowed to forget. Just carrying a phone in your pocket is enough for your movements to become immortalized"

-- Edward Snowden

@fribbledom Snowden makes self-saucing punchlines. Bubbe, nobody cares. Yes, it blows your mind and people should care, but they don't. They want pictures of their grandchildren and funny cat memes. That's all there is to life.

@fribbledom @Bluedepth Everything what Snowden said was public before, just no one believed it and thought those persons were paranoid idiots.

@fribbledom I think it's a question of values. I'm okay with losing some privacy for the benefits of more powerful communications. I think we need to focus on revising the law, to balance the need for privacy with the need for law enforcement to access data. End to end encryption can play a powerful role in this.

@fribbledom The more data you have the bigger the target you become for a hack. The bigger the liability as you can get sued if you get caught mishandling the data and the harder you have to work to make sense of that data. More is not always better...

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