@fribbledom Nice, I always presumed it was to be next to telnet, but it never occurred about the sftp part.

Now I wonder if gopher to http being one digit off has more history behind it too

@fribbledom A related personal ssh port story.

I run ssh on a high port, since the legit-to-scanner ratio went stupid.
But what port to use?

Already a heavy port forward user, I already had a number scheme for local ports to forward.
'xxyyy' where Y was the remote port 1-999, and X allowed for 50+ IPs (11-64)
IE 11080 and 12080 are http on two diff ips, etc.

Since '65yyy' cuts off at 535 I didn't count it an option.
Bet you can now guess 4 of the 5 digits I use for ssh to listen on :P

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