Most everybody has heard about it, but have you actually read Eric S. Raymond's "The Cathedral & The Bazaar"?

I can still highly recommend it if you're interested in open source and/or software development:

@fribbledom And thank you for the rec, perfect early morning reading!

@fribbledom It is good! I went into it cautiously because of ESR's extreme right-wing politics, but the book is good, at least.

@fribbledom I know I read it years ago, but now that I understand just how cringe-worthy ESR is, all the time, I can't stand to even think of reading it again…

@jamey @fribbledom honestly at this point I'd mostly want to revisit it to see how the actual open source stuff held up, especially given the role of corporate developers in it nowadays. also i think 1999 was before esr *really* became a crank or at least really showed it.

also, does literally anyone use fetchmail anymore?

@fribbledom hello, thanks for sharing. Yes, I have not read it. So was this title the reason behind the creation of GNU Bazaar?

@fribbledom It's been years but it was a good read. And the things that made it relevant then are still relevant today, if not in form then in concept.

@fribbledom I have.

And I don't have as good an impression of it as you seem to.

@fribbledom My side project is a cathedral, and I feel bad about it. But it’s been my cathedral for a decade, and I feel like it needs to be immaculate before I make it public.

(Though lately I’ve been much more pragmatic and goal-oriented with it.)

@rezmason @fribbledom Mine too; I *tried* to make it a bazaar, but nobody showed up to contribute, despite repeated public interest in it.

So, as of right now, my project is mine and mine alone. People who are interested in its progress will need to proactively reach out to become contributors. I won't say no; but, again, nobody has offered to help. *shrug*


It's like you indicate: I have heard about it, but have not read it (yet).

@fribbledom Cathedral & Bazaar and Free Software, Free Society were the books which got me into FOSS. Raymond even quotes Kropotkin in his book, and makes the distinction between use and exchange value of software. That was something I hadn't thought of before.

@fribbledom i would love to read an updated essay about these ideas, from someone less completely discredited than esr

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