Lighthouse, a fully modular & parametric case for your home-made NodeMCU / Arduino based projects:

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@fribbledom I love it ! Though the first think that crossed my mind was: "how about we stick that in a 40 mm launcher"

@fribbledom Nice work! I'll be needing something like that soon for some IoT CO2 sensors. (Using the D1 mini)


Which CO2 sensors are you planning to use, btw?

@fribbledom I ordered some HDC1080 CCS811's to start with. They're i2c, and are supposed to be easy to work with. I'm open to hearing about better options.

@fribbledom btw, I found one case of a (faulty?) voltage regulator on a d1 that was running hot enough to throw the temperature off by 10F. Moving the sensor away from the d1 fixed things. is one of the relevant lab notebooks.

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