@fribbledom I've experienced this myself many times. And, yet, strangely, I still prefer working with LaTeX over other document preparation systems. The finished quality, once tweaked, is just so nice to read and so easy on the eyes that it makes it all worthwhile. Everything else I've tried, from dedicated word processors to Markdown and "*-book" style documentation preparation systems just seems to produce shoddy results.

Same here.
I prefer LaTeX because I can keep documents in version control, like code, which makes collaboration easier, reformatting is easier, *proper support for vector graphics* (srsly, #LibreOffice, what were you thinking) and better equations (LO's editor is nice but limited)
Layout is a pain with any word processor above a certain figures/text ratio, but LaTeX at least never forgets the figure numbers/references.

...but better editors would be nice.

@Mr_Teatime Seriously fucking this. LaTeX is awesome but I basically never use it because it's just not something I can casually pick up and crank on.

I don't use it very often, either, but with something like Texstudio, and a sensible template for whatever you're trying to do, it's fairly easy to start producing stuff, without having to worry too much.

...although I'd really like to see an editor that permits switching between wysiwyg mode and the code, similar to what HTML editors used to do. Not sure if that's even possible but would be seriously cool

...and I don't mean Lyx.
I find it Lyx simultaneously fascinating and kinda ... not made for me. It's that weird blend of direct editing and code editing -- but I'd like something that's both at the same time: Type text, as you prefer, hotkeys for formatting, but position that unruly figure with the mouse, then tweak the position argument in code.
LyX equation editor has code updating as you wysiwyg an equation, but doesn't go the other way

@fribbledom This made me chuckle more than it should have. I love plaintext but LaTeX and especially Beamer can be such a pain when in a hurry.

@fribbledom @SevenOfNein diese „O RLY?“ Reihe ist einfach sooo gut (und leider auch sooooo wahr 😉)

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