The Google Graveyard, a list of products / projects Google killed off:

@fribbledom RIP Sparrow! You were the best email client I ever used

@fribbledom Luckily the ones that click for them can make up for a 100 failures.Some of these products were mediocre though.

@fribbledom Tell one thing, is different from this

@fribbledom Ah, thanks. Thought it might be just a shortened URL, but nope.

@fribbledom I'd like this list more if there was context for why a product was discontinued and/or what it was replaced with.

@utzer True, but that doesn't stop other people from speculating. :P

@fribbledom Wave was quite good, but people don't like change. Still miss my G+ feed, it's not been replaced really. Pretty astonishing that Google has put so much time and effort in to so many products that at best, only one or two features of any remain in existing products/services before the host project is shelved. Presume this is their business plan somehow..

@fribbledom I miss reader. It would had been nice if they open sourced stuff, instead of just killing it. Not that I'd ever abandon my self hosted #ttrss now, but is seems such a waste.

@e8johan yes, I thought the same about the Picasa desktop software, that was a really good and easy to use software.

@utzer I converted to #digikam. But I'm sure there are Picasa use cases that still aren't solved.

@e8johan me too, one thing it lags is searching/adding new photos from defined folders automatically.



Reader was the one that really hurt me. These days I use the RSS app on Nextcloud, but it was a painful few years of searching after Reader shut down.


Eine Geschichte voller Missverstaendnisse 😂

AngularJS ist der Vorgaenger von Angular (ohne .JS).

Bitte frag nich, ich find's genauso daemlich 🙄

@fribbledom ^^‘‘ Vielen Dank für die Aufklärung! Hatte extra den verlinkten Artikel gelesen, aber der half nicht dabei, rüber zu bringen, dass es nur mit Angular 2 weitergeht. (Dafür hilft der wikipedia-Artikel nun weiter und hat ein niedliches Schaubild.)

Aber welp, das ist wirklich etwas unpraktisch. Als nächstes dann (Angular 3): „Angul“?

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