When it's Saturday, 8am and you walk through the freezing cold to the hardware store, just to find out they don't have the particular nuts you need in stock...

...might as well go back to bed until Monday 🙄

@fribbledom No cold nuts for you then. :mastowink:

(Sorry could not resist.)


Oh, my nuts are still fairly frozen right now.

(couldn't resist either)

Ahh, that sucks... The sensible thing would now be to call another hardware store before going there... but making a phonecall... even worse than walking through the rain...

@fribbledom That must be a bad store if you couldnt find the nut you needed


Actually I wasn't that surprised. Finding non-metric nuts in Germany can be tough.

@fribbledom ohh. I guess so. In the small town/mom and pop stores in USA you can find just about any nut bolt or screw you need. If that need they can even thread you a new bolt or tap some nuts.

@fribbledom UGH, this just happened to me; they didn’t have any metric screws under 3mm at all :(

Here’s hoping you can find them online/somewhere else.

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