Support your local planet!

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@techonify @fribbledom

A few ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

- drive less; cycle or walk more
- drive a fuel efficient car, if not hybrid or electric
- reduce single-use plastics
- reduce consumption of meat & animal-based food
- turn off lights, appliances and electronic devices when not in use
- use non-toxic personal/home care products (popular/common shampoo, soap, body wash, dish soap, floor cleaners, etc. contain chemicals which harm aquatic ecosystems when they go down the drain)

Problem is that the consumer world is diametrically opposed to this so its hard to follow through with this. But appreciate every little helps.

@techonify Definitively, very difficult. 😓 But compared to extinction of humanity? 😮 Just got a lot easier. 😅

Make earth round again!
Outlaw mountains!
Ban hills!
Level mounds!
Danes and Dutch, Unite!

@zatnosk @fribbledom
Nieder mit den Alpen!!!
Freie sicht aufs Mittelmeer!!!

Down with the Alps!!!!
Direct view to the Mediteranean Sea!!!!

@fribbledom Build a Dyson Sphere and make the Centaurians pay for it.

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