It's the Hifi, that kills the WiFi.
Keep it low, or you'll surf slow!

@fribbledom probably the bit clock, which is near 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequencies

@fribbledom sounds to me like, if it is em interference, all they gotta do is raise the resolution enough to get the interference back out of the wifi bands! :D

@fribbledom This comes like 3 days after (I found out) the BCM43438 on my raspberry pi 3 randomly died, leaving me dependet on a usb dongle once more for my mediacenter.

@fribbledom This and many other points are why pine64.org is better solution. You PCIe and Sata, and even in some configurations a lower price. In Addition, pine64 is real non-profit and not holding millions of pounds.

@bionade24 @fribbledom Quick question, is there any way to shift the Pine64 video output into the composite VBI? (The only application that requires a Pi, for me, is running Teefax the internet teletext service.)

@Parnikkapore I would rather ask such things at pine forum. But when you use the panfrost driver, it should be possible. Or maybe you could get some PCIe card?

@fribbledom Sounds like an interference issue. No idea though.

@fribbledom I saw this and casually mentioned to my lab colleague (who does research with antennas), and before I finished explaining he guessed "must be the HDMI cable, that is kind of a known issue but little publicized".
He once saw a talk by a telecom engineer that was doing measurements and there were random peaks on the internet band - and it was whenever high resolution videos were playing. Apparently HDMI needs too much band on higher resolutions, and uses internet frequencies.

@eldaking @fribbledom So shielded HDMI cabled would help?

Also, does this affect other hardware, or just the Pi because components are unusually close to each other?

@yojimbo @fribbledom Probably. My colleague said just putting some foil around the cable should do it.

I'm not sure, but I would guess it is more general. I don't think the case he told me about was with a Pi, they were just measuring the electromagnetic field in that band.

@fribbledom could this be some undesired byproduct of destructive interference of HDMI signal going through the cable... so the connected cable becomes an antenna that jams legit WiFi data packets? 🤔


Actually, if I'm reading this right, 4k isn't a problem. 2560x1440 is.

@fribbledom though monitor capable of handling 4K is much more expensive than Raspberry


Nah, I just bought one for less than 2 Euros and it works just fine.

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