An interactive deep sea dive:

(poor faceless fish)

@fribbledom i scrolled to the bottom! I can't believe this submarine trip excited me and made scroll like crazy to see what happened!! Thank you for sharing <3

@fribbledom They have the polar bear but forgot to add the Moose at 30 meters??? Noooo. We need the diving moose in there.

Whaa? I was told Sperm Whales could dive super deep (800m, respect!). But that's nothing against Narwhals -- but that's *still* nothing against frickin' ...Elephant Seals? They're not even *in* the water half the time, yet they just go right past the Anglerfish ... that's just crazy.

How does a mammal that doesn't go blind from sunlight even hunt at 2400m? Do they just swim around with their mouth open and hope.for the best?

Also: Emperor Penguins, man...

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