Monopoly for Millennials: "Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway."

OK Boomer. Fuck you Hasbro.

(Yup, that's a real Monopoly version you can buy)

@fribbledom Really? OMG... lol...

The nerve they have.

A serious problem, the ridiculous inflation of housing costs, I do worry a lot about it. Pure illusion, if people think they can cash in -- unless they leave their area all together.

@fribbledom haha. Monopoly was invented as a way to demonstrate the futility of capitalism. Now it's capitalism rubbing futility in your face

@karolat @SallyStrange @fribbledom Yeah same here, that version looks super lame to me tho honestly, but maybe I'm too old fashioned.

Also is that socialism version of monopoly still a thing? remember when they made fun of socialism?

@Chopper @fribbledom @karolat I don't remember that. I just know that the actual inventor of Monopoly was a socialist (or at least a leftist) who never intended it to be a moneymaking franchise

@fribbledom Pff, *wired* earbuds? No self respecting millennial would be caught dead with that. Where's the iQtip? 😜

@fribbledom but how in heck can it be a property trading game when you can't buy property?

@fribbledom That's why everything is virtual now — this at least is affordable.

@fribbledom yeah Hasbro definitely knows Millennials....if there's one thing we do, it is to buy something trivial as a self-own to ourselves

@fribbledom the thing is, this is clearly mocking from their perspective but I've watched a play through and it's legit more entertaining than real monopoly

So, is this a different game, then?
"real" Monopoly is boring and simply demonstrates the instability of unregulated property markets. I imagine you could to something interesting with the "millennials" angle -- or you could descent into stupid clichés...

@fribbledom Not yet sure if the "Maker Space" field makes up for the "Parents' Basement"...

@fribbledom this feels like peak Poe's Law in a way. is this serious or just a cynical attempt to wrong money out of people enjoying it maybe ironically? who is the target market!?

I'm oddly fascinated by who they thought would buy it.

@fribbledom how do you play that version of monopoly if you cant buy any real estate?

@fribbledom I havent played it yet, but there is a really cool game called commonsopoly. A socialists take on monopoly, where you are fighting the capitalists. It needs more publicity, because crap like this is ridiculous

@fribbledom Hasbro has a bunch of these types of monopoly versions they’ve put out recently. Pretty sure their target is gag gifts, more specifically, gag gifts bought by anyone older than a millennial. And from what I can tell they’re hitting their target perfectly. They’re not really intended to be “real” games.

@fribbledom I was at Borders Books the other day, and noticed that they have a Monopoly version for literally every conceivable scenario/demographic. It's really pretty staggering.

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