Observation: between Dec 24th and Jan 1st, every single day feels like a lazy Sunday.

Then it's suddenly January 2nd and reality hits real badly.

@fribbledom YES I was trying to put this mood into words in my own head earlier today, I'm fortunate enough to have the week off and it's such sloth energy

@fribbledom Good point. That's why I took the next week off after that.

@fribbledom absolutely. I try to keep a bit of a daily journal and it took me 20 minutes this morning to figure out why it didn't make any sense and I had 2 Sundays. All good now but it's just a blur of days


I wish it did ... the last 3 times, I had so much work left over and so many domestic obligations to catch up with that I'm pretty much stayed in the hamster wheel the whole time...
But then again: that's what most of my Sundays are like anyway.

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