and it's a wrap!

If you want to download video/audio of all the awesome talks, here's your yearly reminder that I wrote a little console tool called "sync3c" to automatically filter & sync talks from any event for you:

youtube-dl and mpv also work, right? (at least they did until a few days ago)


No idea, but I'm fairly sure youtube-dl doesn't use the CCC's API to filter talks by event, subject, language & quality for you.

@fribbledom it doesn't, but i usually just want to download/play a single talk (because tiny SSD)


Fair enough, I guess sync3c isn't really helpful unless you're trying to sync an entire event's catalog of talks 😄


Sure, if you don't mind downloading everything in multiple qualities and translations.


@fribbledom Nope, just to download individual talks at one resolution. I was guessing @grainloom was thinking of using youtube-dl or mpv for that.


Oh I see, sorry, had lost the context apparently 🙂


@fribbledom I meant to say that could host them directly as a peertube instance.

If I remember well, someone already host some CCC videos on my instance.

Danke für das praktische Tool! Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, Wildcards zu nutzen? Z.B. für Subevents oder alle \d+c3-Veranstaltungen?


Noch nich, klingt aber nach ner guten Idee 🙂

@fribbledom I have some 0 bytes files that get skipped and not loaded.
Is there a possibility to add a -c "continue" function like in wget?

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