Why I'll never install cloud-based security cams...

Google Home Hub shows stills of other people's Xiaomi security cameras:

@fribbledom It'd be nice if companies/nation states had the decency to keep our data under wraps as they steal it instead of spewing it all over the place.


@fribbledom I like one of the comments on that link that basically says: They make you pay for it otherwise you'd be suspicious.

@fribbledom The whole cloud based IoT menace was put into a nice cartoon already 😂

Bottom line for me personally is to only use stuff that I can control via openhab and not allow it to talk to the outside world - our IP cams are in an isolated network and video feeds are bridged (not routed) on a Linux box. Same for our vacuum robot (also a Xiaomi, actually).

#iot #openhab

@fribbledom Should be /very/ interesting to see how on earth /that/ happened..

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