2020 still doesn't seem real. It sounds like a fake, made-up, SciFi-inspired number. When I was a little kid imagining the crazy stuff we do in the distant future, I always pictured the year would be 2020.

@fribbledom don't worry
I too believe that 2020 is an elaborate practical joke

I'm with Star Trek on this, meaning that this future is still centuries ahead of us :)


20xx, where x is a positive integer, greater than or eqval to 1...

@fribbledom all this, plus it always looks like someone left off digits when writing dates like "01/06/20" - what year did they mean?

@soum @fribbledom 20 years ago sounds a lot like 1980 to me. i'm convinced i'm stuck in a groundhogs day loop in the year 2000

@nuni The other day, I read this newspaper headline - "Coldest December in 118 years" - and I was like "that's a long time". Then I read the text and it said "since 1901" and i was like "that wasn't all that long ago". @fribbledom

@fribbledom what unfathomable wonders and trials await us in the wild and far off year 2020!

Features vore. Memepost 

I'm June. She is me. We r the same.

@fribbledom 12020 years ago, we build the first temple, that’s why

@fribbledom I always used 2030 as a kid. I wonder what today’s kids use.


Interesting! I assume that makes you 10 years younger than me 😆


12 years older. Pretty accurate a measurement method at first glance 😂

@fribbledom @Xjs I used 2000 but that's because it's what all the (a decade older than me) grad students around me used growing up... born in '84.

@fribbledom It feels a little like 2003 to me. On the cusp of war, knowing that the US govt will likely make the wrong decisions. It isn't even Trump I'm worried about, it is the military leaders here and the media that seem to be chanting for war.

@fribbledom sounds like the year of impatience, impulse and short lived memories. Just like 20-20 cricket (20 overs a side)


I remember reading magazines and stuff about retro futurism and the technology that we'll "most likely" see before or by the year 2000.

From the stuff I read, I think maybe 1% of it happened or less. Some of the stuff didn't become reality until after 2010. And if even, very primitive tech, useless, or forgotten.
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