@fribbledom Crap code doesn't magically become better by commenting it 😛 There's a very high probability that if I write crap code, I'll also write crap comments 😜

@fribbledom Yeah, that's about right. I've read some that are really funny, though. The code comments of those OpenGL screensavers by Jamie Zawinski are pretty funny.

@fribbledom Sometimes I literally wrote a comment for PBASIC that has the equivalent C code on it.

@fribbledom This is not unlike the lettering of the Snake Society from #RickAndMorty S04E05

@fribbledom My pet peeve. I'm a programmer; I don't (usually) need comments to tell me what the code *does*. I want to know why it's there, what it accomplishes in the grand scheme of things.

//Frickin()s the sproket with $var, needed for special cases

@fribbledom do you know the origin of this picture. I’d like to use it in a lecture once but I’d need a reference!

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