@fribbledom Close, but one of the labels should be outdated and/or wrong


real function, real comment:

public void algorithm() {
// commence algorithm!!!!11!1!

@fribbledom Crap code doesn't magically become better by commenting it 😛 There's a very high probability that if I write crap code, I'll also write crap comments 😜

@fribbledom Yeah, that's about right. I've read some that are really funny, though. The code comments of those OpenGL screensavers by Jamie Zawinski are pretty funny.

@fribbledom Sometimes I literally wrote a comment for PBASIC that has the equivalent C code on it.

@fribbledom This is not unlike the lettering of the Snake Society from #RickAndMorty S04E05

@fribbledom My pet peeve. I'm a programmer; I don't (usually) need comments to tell me what the code *does*. I want to know why it's there, what it accomplishes in the grand scheme of things.

//Frickin()s the sproket with $var, needed for special cases

@fribbledom do you know the origin of this picture. I’d like to use it in a lecture once but I’d need a reference!


Except that most likely it doesn't. It merely assigns the value of (or a reference to) Y to X, depending on the language.


I'll share a secret with you.

I don't actually know how to code, that was just my best guess from what I understand about coding



Well you could probably get yourself hired as a developer. That sort of comment, in all its wrongness, is pretty common in code written by actual paid “programmers”.


@0 @fribbledom And so it becomes an even better analogy for the clock.


The #clock itself is fine. The marks are only needed to help processing the primary information which is conveyed purely by a) the position of the hands and b) prior knowledge of the conventions of analogue clocks.

They could be replaced by dots for instance, as long as you have some datum indication (conventionally, the 12:00 position).



@0 I suppose the idea is that the symbols are mostly useless, and not entirely accurate.



They're not useless. Time yourself reading the time (yeah I know) with and without the marks. Change the clock's conventional orientation for kicks.

As I said, they offer useful supporting information, a bit like good comments actually. 😜

NB: I did actually get @fribbledom's joke. Part of what makes it funny is that if you start to deconstruct it, it's not actually true.

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