Life before Google:

You’d think of something, ask your friends, and they would be like “Gosh, I don’t know” and then you’d be like “Oh, well, guess that’s a thing I’ll never know” and then everyone just proceeds with their fucking day.

@fribbledom with Google nowadays, you will know what you want to know but not what you don't, and proceed with your regular day.

@fribbledom Or you owned a dictionary, encyclopedia, library card.

@fribbledom except for music questions. There was always a music snob know-it-all who could answer any trivia about a band/genre/era of music.

@fribbledom Now you ask a friend and they yell at you to use Google half the time.

@fribbledom Not me. I'd go to the library just to find out. Because I'm that much of a nerd. BUT.... you are right. The internet has changed everything. I'm the person who though reading "World Book" and the Dictionary from cover to cover was a fun pastime. Serious nerd.

@fribbledom "Hey, do you know what marshmallows are made of?"

*4 hours of googling latter*

"Look, I'm not the saying I wanted the Nazis to win, but you can see pretty easily where they made some tactical mistakes"

@fribbledom If only there were buildings literally filled with books, and information specialists there who could help you find the book you needed! We could call the libro-aeries, like a roosting place for books.

@fribbledom Now that we know / can know almost anything - With so much content, are we content ???? 🤔

Or it would lead to a stimulating conversation like: "I don't know X, but I know Y, and they might be similar." "I'm not sure, if X worked like Y you would see..." Testing your deductive reasoning and coming up with interesting ideas to be explored further.

Rather than: " that's what Wikipedia says. Oh and the inventor died on my brother's birthday."

@fribbledom Life with Google 2019-2020

Copy/paste apache error line from log.
- Linux USB power delivery fix
- Repair OS X boot loader
- Amazon listing for socks
- Image search result previews, all cats
10x Fix Windows safe-mode classpnp.sys (all 10 being different no less)
- Why your fish die in an aquarium
- Removed due to DMCA request, with 'show anyway' link

@fribbledom That’s conflation of Google, Internet, and search of the first order. What about Altavista and whatever else was there before? :)



"Life before {Google,Excite,Yahoo,Lycos,Altavista,HotBox,AskJeeves,InfoSeek,$INTERNET}"

@fribbledom @steveroy Shame, ironically you forgot the bestest search engine ever:
Veronica, the very easy rodent oriented net-wide index to computer archives!

@dissy614 @fribbledom @steveroy

Actually, I think Cuil is superior to all of these listed there.

Today you think of something, ask your friends, and later you and you friends all receive ads about that thing because of google

@fribbledom i remember my parents saying i wanted a computer to play video games when i was 12 but i think i spent most of my time googling stuff god bless the internet

@fribbledom most people still don’t ever look up things they don’t know, which is why everything is broken.

@fribbledom@mastodon.sociaI'm still trying to figure out if this has improved or diminished dinner conversation.

@fribbledom realistically, no one ever admits to "gosh! i don't know" no one is that honest about their lack of knowledge, experience, etc. when google is down (or as I prefer, the internet is down), friends would bluff the shit out of any topic you have the slightest doubt in.

Friends: bs, bs, bs, bs...In summary, my bs is the right bs because i'm the self claimed expert on this.

You: Oh it must be right. I don't have any ad company to cross check your answers...

@fribbledom or you went to the public library and looked in books.

@fribbledom It also ruined any chance of a drunken bar bet that would be solved many days later.

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