Pro-tip for Firefox users: open a new tab, now prefix whatever you type in the address bar with "%" to search your open tabs and switch to one.

@claudiom @fribbledom It's great for Firefox users. I've long since kicked Chrome to the curb for anything but using it on my Chromebook.

@fribbledom Prefixing * searches bookmarks as well


Started working with Firefox 66 apparently, which you should have by now?

I'm on 72, not 79. But anyway yeah, it just does a Google search.

Oh, nevermind. It's just searching the titles of the tabs you have open. I thought you meant it searched the contents of the tabs.

@fribbledom this will be awesome on windows work laptop... Krunner on the plasma desktop has this feature as well.

@fribbledom you can even avoid opening a new tab alltogether and use Ctrl/Cmd+L to focus the address bar from your current tab!


Good point, didn't even think of that. Conveniently though, it also closes the newly opened tab for you on switching.

@fribbledom there are people with more than three or four tabs open at once?!


I don't even wanna count, but I'm easily at >100 tabs as of right now.

@earthtopus I'd imagine people with 3 or 4 tabs haven't discovered anything beyond IE 7 or the PC it came with

@dpreacher @fribbledom some of us just close tabs reflexively. There are dozens of us!

@earthtopus I know the reflexive action, but I am logged into most of the online services through the browser rather than desktop apps (to get the control that browser addons for privacy give me), and those are quite a few. @fribbledom

@fribbledom Too bad you can't select among multiple tabs with common names that way.

What I truly miss is using CTRL-TAB to switch between tabs sequentially (and SHIFT-CTRL-TAB to go in reverse direction).


Wait, (Shift-)Ctrl-TAB is still working fine for me (use it all the time)?

@fribbledom Under different window managers and Linux distributions, CTRL-TAB has not worked for me in *years*.

By what black magic does it work for you?


Uhm, I don't know, it has never not worked for me 😂 Can imagine something stealing it as a global shortcut, though. Using kwin as my window manager here.

@fribbledom I just tried it on i3 at work, and it seems to be working here as well. WTH...

Guess that's just yet more motivation to switch literally all of my computers at home to use i3.


Can imagine, I wouldn't last an hour without that shortcut working 😆

@fribbledom @vertigo there is also ctrl+page_(up|down) that does the same thing


Hah, another thing I didn't know. I must admit that's actually a bit nicer to hit then Shift-Ctrl-Tab.


@grainloom @fribbledom Hmm, I wasn't aware of that. I'll try that on my home computer and see if the WM intercepts those too. But, CTRL-TAB would be more ideal for my use-case, as I frequently use it in conjunction with using the mouse to paste repeated sequences of text from tab to tab.

@fribbledom The absolute worst thing to ever happen to Linux is the widespread will for window managers to mimic Windows or MacOS. This sole decision has lead to the proliferation of window managers that subsume too many useful shortcut keys, leading me to erroneously blame Firefox (et. al.) for breaking tab navigation.

The WM that comes with Pop_OS! tries to inquire the open set of tabs, and presents them in the same manner as it does open windows when switching between windows. Not cool.

@vertigo @fribbledom yuck. I remember when Android switched to doing that for chrome tabs, so they'd all look like separate apps! I quickly turned that off in the settings. I don't know if it lasted, because I doubt I was the only one that didn't like it

@vertigo you obviously need i3 everywhere 😛
Your WM would have their keyboard shortcuts configuration as well

@dpreacher @fribbledom I'm not really up to the task of figuring out how Pop_OS! is set up. I've been planning on swapping it out for Void Linux or BSD eventually anyway, so I guess this is just a good way to motivate me further in my ambitions. ;)

@vertigo I kinda think that and hope that it would take you much less time and brain taxing to figure out customizing shortcuts on Pop than on the OS you're planning to move to. @fribbledom

@dpreacher @fribbledom You're probably correct; but, in general, it's not a safe assumption.

I know old-school Unix/X11 configuration. This new-fangled stuff escapes me more often than not. Customizing my mouse pointer took me about a year to figure out.

@vertigo you gotta be open to learning but not burning that into your brain :) @fribbledom

@dpreacher @fribbledom It doesn't work that way with me. I would love to be able to mesh well into contemporary Linux communities. But, I don't. Not for lack of trying. I wouldn't be kvetching so loudly if I weren't trying.

@vertigo @fribbledom ctrl-pgup/pgdn works quite reliably between WMs, it took a while to unlearn ctrl-tab but was worth it

@vertigo check your prefs. It's possible to get this behavior back


yah been using this since it popped up on fedi ... last week?

has saved me from opening approximately a hojillion redundant tabs

@fribbledom Only knew about "+" for tags. Also documentation suggests that special characters should be added after search term:

Not sure why, but "%" in particular does not work for me

@fribbledom Seems unfortunately buggy for me, it displays and finds only 3 out of 15 tabs.

Likely related, I've also noticed that in the suggestions it'll suggest tabs when you write them, and I've also noticed that sometimes it'll display a page as being in a tab (has the switch to tab-text) but actually doesn't do anything (because such tab isn't open).
Rather annoying when you open a site since it requires some extra key(s) to not select the faulty one, but also I haven't really seen it in recent times.

@fribbledom how old is your firefox? 😃
The result present among your open tabs comes on top when you start typing in address bar. Is your history turned off?

@fribbledom pretty sure you can do this in an existing tab non-destructively

@fribbledom i do wonder how many tabs one has to have open for this to be useful 🤔

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