Handy tip for users: find out which packages use up the most disk space:

pacman -Qi | egrep '^(Name|Installed)' | cut -f2 -d':' | paste - - | column -t | sort -nrk 2 | grep MiB

What are your top 5?

android-studio 1327,60 MiB
linux-firmware 518,18 MiB
go 478,68 MiB
qt5-doc 441,65 MiB
libreoffice-fresh 398,94 MiB

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@fribbledom `dpigs -H` for Debian/Ubuntu. I have:

888.0M texlive-fonts-extra
381.3M gitkraken
316.9M linux-firmware
301.0M libemos-data
272.4M skypeforlinux

@fribbledom go is bigger than openarena :cirno_think:

texlive-fontsextra 1202.02 MiB xonotic-data 888.67 MiB wine-staging 514.08 MiB linux-firmware 510.56 MiB go 478.68 MiB

0ad-data 2006.67 MiB
texlive-fontsextra 1202.02 MiB
xonotic-data 888.67 MiB
qemu-arch-ext 747.85 MiB
go-pie 628.14 MiB

@fribbledom Ouh, that's neat!

rider 1793.59 MiB
texlive-fontsextra 1202.02 MiB
linux-firmware 518.18 MiB
go 478.68 MiB
rstudio-desktop-bin 465.73 MiB

@fribbledom I made one for :voidlinux:
nerd-fonts-ttf-2.0.0_1 1326MB
qemu-4.2.0_2 743MB
openjdk11-11.0.5+10_3 481MB
clang-9.0.1_2 419MB
go-1.13.5_1 318MB

awk '{ cmd = "xbps-query -p installed_size "$2
while((cmd | getline result) > 0 ){
print $2 " " result
}' <(xbps-query -l | psub) | sort -nrk 2 | grep MB | head


linux-firmware 518,18 MiB
libreoffice-still 379,23 MiB
ocaml 219,59 MiB
firefox 185,89 MiB
chromium 182,13 MiB

😉 thanks for the tip

🤔 I don't know why ocaml is STILL there. I'll further investigate which package depends on it. (I used it for some google drive thing some time ago)

@fribbledom linux-firmware 511.47 MiB
libreoffice-fresh 398.94 MiB
texlive-core 396.52 MiB
zoom 253.64 MiB
etcher 253.03 MiB (what the hell)

uhm.. I'm a bit surprised to be honest.. It's a bunch of fonts. Number six was firefox..

linux-firmware 518.18 MiB
libreoffice-fresh 398.94 MiB
noto-fonts-extra 321.93 MiB
noto-fonts-cjk 294.43 MiB
mono 241.16 MiB


linux-firmware 518.18 MiB
wine-staging 509.33 MiB
go 478.68 MiB
popcorntime 363.48 MiB
notofonts-cjk 294.43 MiB

on raspbian

1.0G wolfram-engine
432.5M libgl1-mesa-dri
300.7M scratch3
290.7M chromium-browser
269.0M raspberrypi-kernel

linux-firmware 518.18 MiB
firefox 185.89 MiB
chromium 182.13 MiB
jre-openjdk-headless 171.58 MiB
gcc-libs 149.55 MiB

texlive-fontsextra 1202,02 MiB (wtf?)
linux-firmware 518,18 MiB
libreoffice-fresh 398,94 MiB
texlive-core 396,52 MiB
gitkraken 377,11 MiB

@fribbledom That does not want to work at all on my Arch What locale do you have? I think German locale has a different output format. Because the installed Size is on a different line than the Name for me.

@Toasterson Yes, it is "Installationsgröße". Just look at a random package info with pacman -Qi to receive the term of your locale to replace "Installed" with.


0ad-data 2006.67 MiB
android-studio 1327.60 MiB
qemu-headless-arch-extra 746.85 MiB
onlyoffice-bin 667.10 MiB
supertuxkart 651.08 MiB

texlive-fontsextra 1202,02 MiB
wesnoth 535,21 MiB
linux-firmware 510,56 MiB
libreoffice-fresh 398,94 MiB
texlive-core 396,52 MiB

@fribbledom I have a feeling I know some of my top ones without looking, I'll check later.

@fribbledom Although this doesn't take dependencies into account... and a couple of programs are rather lightweight but add in tons of deps.

@fribbledom One approach to consider them as well could be to only assess explicitly installed packages and distribute the installed size of dependencies evenly to them.

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