So many people follow me here, but I've never really written a proper . Time to change that!

Hey there, I'm Chris, but most friends call me 'muesli'. I'm a geek, a software developer, a maker, an opensource advocate and a tech enthusiast. I love programming and tinkering with things. I started almost three decades ago with Basic, and have learned & used Pascal, Assembly, C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Rust, Go, and Lua (pretty much in that order) over all these years.


I have been or still am contributing to KDE, VLC, Qt, Amarok, Transmission, Docker, Tomahawk, PHP & probably several dozen other open source projects. I've founded a startup or two and used to work at & Nokia. I enjoy the silence & calm of the night and it's where I become the most productive.

I was born in Germany, but have moved to and lived in several other countries since. I'm only really fluent in German and English, but also understand a bit of French, Dutch and Latin.


If I'm not listening to an audiobook or stream, it takes me way too long to fall asleep at night. I suck at multi-tasking & planning ahead. I used to cultivate carnivorous plants as a kid and am still fascinated by them today. I grew up near the mountains but feel at home by the sea. I competitively played tennis, table-tennis, and football (soccer) as a teenager.

I can't play an instrument and I can't draw or paint, but I admire the arts and artists.


I love and collect Lego sets, board- & video games alike. I can't stand losing when I play games, but friends never considered me a bad loser.

I try to actively learn and memorize something new every single day of my life. Often I fail, but I'll never stop trying.

Never hesitate to say hello! 😊


@fribbledom Wow. Was für eine tolle #Introduction.

Du scheinst sehr viel um die Ohren zu haben und hast viele Bereiche, denen Du dich verbunden fühlst.

Mich würde eventuell noch interessieren, welche Art Hörbücher Du bevorzugst.
Ich selbst höre gerne welche, oder auch Podcasts, wenn ich Nachts nicht einschlafen kann.

Wünsche Dir eine gute Zeit hier... und natürlich ein schönes Wochenende.


Danke! 😊

Vollkommen unterschiedlich und je nach Stimmung. Teils klassische ??? (3 Fragezeichen)-Folgen, teils fachliche Podcasts oder Sherlock Holmes Episoden. Oft auch einfach meine YouTube Subscriptions 😂

Schoenes Wochenende auch dir!

@fribbledom LOL! Parts of your introduction reminded me of The Little Shop of Horrors movie. Love it! Have a great day!

@fribbledom Hey there. Thanks a lot for your great introduction.

@fribbledom hi, schön das du deine #introducion nachgeholt hast, erlich gesagt, ich sollte mir auch mal die zeit nehmen :) !
ist sehr erfreulich, dass du den #opensource projekten so zugetan bist, tolle laufbahn! lg mic

@maperal enn la cuenta de Muesli he encontrado otras muy interesantes tambien.
Viva el .

Hello fediverse.


@fribbledom *shyly* Hello! *poings back under the couch*


Uh, that's a tough one. The list is long and a bit eclectic. Power Grid, TAC, Yspahan, El Grande, Azul and Village among my current favorites.

Hallo @fribbledom , nice idea.

I should pin an introduction too. :luki:

@fribbledom That's a great introduction! Nice to meet you muesli :)

@fribbledom I'm the same way, but I listen to very old radio serials from the 1940's and 50's, like X Minus One, Dimension X, Space Patrol, or the Lux Radio Theatre type of programs.


I'm playing around with Wekan (Kanban) in an attempt to be more focussed and organised.. We'll see.

@fribbledom Greetings! To paraphrase, "I can't write code, but I admire the languages and coders". My venus flytrap says hello. She is noticeably sweaty in her paludarium.

@fribbledom did I know you at Nokia? Were you on the N900/rover project?

@fribbledom I agree with everyone else. An awesome hello to the community. Nice to meet you. :)

@fribbledom hello muesli. Goid to meet you. I ha e no idea what many of those techie things are but they sound fascinating! I like learning too - just wish there were more hours in the day!


Very impressive bio here Looking forward to your toots Muesli

Great introduction. I like that you wrote it. STEM professor who engages with all of the above plus emerging tech, Big Data, IoS. I aged out of programming but I help design the courses. Honored to meet you!


Hi muelesi I love hackers!

We have much in common.

Here is my introduction:

@fribbledom of all the languages, which one do you find yourself defaulting to most?

@fribbledom ah! I love Go. I still fallback to Python and JavaScript most often, though.

@fribbledom Following now muesli I am a software developer too.

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