"Fuck Capitalism!

- Sent by my iPhone"

@fribbledom excited for your new career as an alt-right media grifter

@fribbledom Soon they will be able to say the same, but instead of "iPhone," it will say "PinePhone"

@fribbledom "Fuck capitalism" is shorthand for "live in, eat, and sleep with capitalism"…

@fribbledom Your message was blocked by the will of the free market


See, how little I know about capitalism & iPhones!

@jordan31 @fribbledom
Someone with whom you would have traded another service.

@fribbledom There's a lot to unpack with this, but *cracks knuckles*.

Without the iPhone, the message would not be sent. It's easy to argue it should be "sent from my decades-old DOS machine," but after a certain point, planned obsolescence kicks in. Apple is king of that, but they also make very user-friendly products. My mom wants an iPhone for her next phone because she can't properly manage an Android. I tried to warn her, but she wants it for the Apple Watch fall sensor, too.

@fribbledom Apple has made a dominant product that she feels is right for her, and she's not alone.

That also includes pushing out competition, which is definitely capitalism. If there were a cheaper alternative from a better company, she'd buy it. There isn't. Apple monopolized that niche. And once you're in, it's Hotel California.

Capitalism has put itself in a position that we can only complain about it effectively within its own ecosystem. Newspapers are hanging by a thread.

@fribbledom iPhone is an easy low-hanging fruit. Apple is terrible. But there are other reasons people use one.

The real enemy is still capitalism for removing any semblance of choice when you have a specific need like that. Until someone can successfully enter and compete in that niche, people who need that exact offer are stuck.

This could just as easily come from a frustrated little old lady with no other option as someone young and trendy, is what I'm saying.


Come on, there's really no need to become abusive here.

@fribbledom sorry but i have no patience for anyone who invokes this tired argument


I think you may have misunderstood this quite a bit.

@fribbledom What device would be appropriate for having that opinion, though? (Legit question)

I think it'd be something cobbeled together from parts you found, like computer parts going to the e-waste.


Probably none? Even if you'd build the device yourself, you'd have to source and buy all the individual components. If you'd even build all the individual components yourself, you'd still have to acquire and pay for the patents & rights.

The irony of all that I still consider hilarious 😉

@fribbledom With "parts going to the e-waste" I meant things you could get for free.

Maybe one could circumwent the patents & rights issues by just creating a new computer architecture entirely, lol.

The opposite of this could be:

"Yeah Capitalism!

-Sent by our UsPhone"

(is joke)

@fribbledom and yet you say this on a device entirely made by the proletariat, curious 😉

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