Every time a dating site works as advertised, they just lost two customers.

@fribbledom they should then funnel the customers to relationship counselors.

lewd-adj dating sites 

@fribbledom except for tinder and grindr

lewd-adj dating sites 


I wouldn't call that dating 😂

lewd-adj dating sites 

@fribbledom you're right, it's so much more

lewd-adj dating sites 

@fribbledom this was an actual quote btw:

"Tinder is more than a dating app. It's a cultural movement."

Everytime a doctor did his job correctly, they lost a customer...

@musicmatze @fribbledom O, Doctors also lose a customer if they work incorrectly 🙂

@carl @musicmatze @fribbledom actually even more so than if they do it correctly. and in times of internet ratings there can be collateral losses

@fribbledom I've run across this before, in the obvious context that it makes for some counterintuitive incentives for people running those sites.

But this post made me realize that it also means that polyamorous folks are an ideal target demographic for dating sites for just this reason: we don't necessarily fall out of the user base after a successful match.

Which I think means it's actually great business for dating sites to support polyamorous relationship options!

@cincodenada @fribbledom yeah this so much, OK Cupid "supports" polyam people but then only allows you to link one other person's profile to yours proving they actually think polyamory = couples looking for a third

Devil's advocate 

@fribbledom I mean there's other factors that work the other way :
Poly people
Relationships that end -> come back to the dating website because it worked
Word of mouth

@fribbledom maybe they make their recommendation engines only recommend matches with a certain relationship lifetime. you know, like planned obsolescence

@fribbledom I know it's a silly joke, but let me be a know-it-all for a second.

Because if the site actually manages to get a healthy relationship going, that coulpe/poly-ship is probably also going to be a good advertisement, if they tell others about, how they've met or, if they try to help friends, that are unhappy with being single.

So it's not entirely true, because a dating site working as advertised also brings in new people.

@fribbledom There's one with ads in NYC subways touting this fact, actually, which is pretty clever. I am not in the market, so I can't vouch for how well it works, though.

@fribbledom Every time dating sites advertise, bus stations and bilboard stink of BS and they probably lost n customers.

Do they claim to produce stable long-term relationships?

I read somewhere (forgot where, so add salt generously) that at least one of them updated their matching algorithm because they were producing too many stable relationships.

The perfect outcome for them would be lots of happy short-term hookups. Long enough so people think it's worth it but short enough that they come back, and eventually believe that romance can't actually last more than 2 months.

If they only knew...

@fribbledom I hear this more about dating sites than other services, but it applies to many.
Unfortunately it significantly skews the incentives into a bad direction.

@fribbledom What a shame because they're probably aren't a lot of single farmers to choose from.

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