Your top 3 must-play games of the last decade are ...

@fribbledom I had a top 5, the others 2 are Bloodborne and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

The Beginner's Guide
Night in the Woods
The Witness

dark souls
darkest dungeon
fallout: new vegas

@fribbledom casual fps player here... Resident Evil 4 for the Wii, Titanfall 2 campaign mode, Dying Light.


1. Kerbal Space Program
2. A Normal Lost Phone
3. Forza Horizon 4 if only because they don’t gender you and my name is in it so the digital assistant greets me with the sweetest spoken “hey Zoë” ever time I start the game.

The Stanley Parable
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Crusader Kings II

super mario odyssey

portal 2 didn't quite make the cut

@fribbledom Dark Souls
Hyper Light Drifter
E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy

@fribbledom Bastion, Transistor, Warframe. I'm guessing that if I'd nabbed Hades already, my top three would all be Supergiant games, but I really like grindy reflex shooters, so...


@fribbledom Tyranny, Outward... honestly i don't think i've played many games released this decade this decade... Breath of the Wild maybe?

this decade was my first full decade gaming so i spent a lot of it catching up on the classics

@fribbledom Borderlands 2, Breath of the Wild, Towerfall

I think. Hard remembering them all, even the ones that made an impact at the time.


To The Moon. (And sequels!)
Walking Dead (Telltale)

@FiXato YEP!

- "A Bird Story" was a relatively short one
- "Finding Paradise" picked up on both
- "Imposter Factory" will come out shortly-ish

There's also some free "minisodes" in between.

It's also maybe getting an animated film release of some kind?

@atrus cool! I really should pick up the first one again. It had an interesting premise, but IIRC I was distracted by other games and was a bit burnt out on RPGMaker games.
The sequels still created in ?

@murabito @gaige you fool, just because i can't get sleep doesn't mean my frendos should not sleep, their health is important, more important than mine thanks for reading my essay

@fribbledom LOL! Fucking Grand Theft Auto. I play that game with the cheats on and kill everything in sight. I enjoy the relief it provides.

stardew valley
dark souls
bloodstained: ritual of the night?

- Kerbal Space Program
- Opus Magnum
- Borderlands 2

Not from the decade, but Minecraft still deserve a mention

- zelda breath of the wild
- hollow knight
- shadow of mordor

@fribbledom Forced to chose, maybe

* Slay The Spire
* Life Is Strange

Although it's very hard to choose just three; there's often groupings, or contingencies. For instance if one is interested at all in turn-based tactical games, both Into The Breach and Invisible Inc solve a lot of frustrations with the genre while pushing it forwards in interesting ways. Or for more story-driven modern adventure games, both Oxenfree and Kentucky Route Zero are easy to recommend. Or for keeping the torch burning for "immersive sims", Arkane's Prey and Dishonored 1&2 are the best we've gotten since the original Deus Ex.

Also, Outer Wilds would *easily* be on this if I could play the final version, but alas they dropped Linux support . . .

Hitogata Happa - the core mechanic is weird (most people give up without finishing the tutorial level because they fail to grasp it), but the variety of play styles the different doll types in this vertical scrolling shooter enable gives this a ton of replay value once you get the hang of it.
Gravity Rush (series) - Control your own personal gravitational force with your freaky cat.
Tetris Effect - VR Tetris with dolphins!

Honorable mention - entirely too many sequels to stuff


1. the paperclip making game

2. Celeste

3. Breath of the Wild

@gnomon @fribbledom Must is hard for games because so many pose different kinds of accessibility issue

dark souls
the outer *wilds* (*not* worlds)
divinity original sin (/2)

@mtknn @fribbledom I learned recently that it's called "Outer Wilds" - no "The" in the title, which makes the distinction to The Outer Worlds easier

@fribbledom Kerbal Space Program
I'd also give an honorable mention to the Zachtronics game series. There have been lots of good games, but these ones stand out


1. Dark Souls
2. Dark Souls 2
3. Dark Souls 3

(Not a ranking)

Honourable mentions: Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


I can tell you're into a certain type of game 😄

@fribbledom I couldn't narrow the list to 3 even for last year, let alone ten.

That's almost 3 full console generations and the whole of the rise and "fall" of minecraft

I don't spend much time playing video games, but I spend quite some time with Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft

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