Round 1, Match 3 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

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@sofia @fribbledom voters seem to vote only for languages they know... 🙄

@skyr seems like the fediverse has a huge demographic of retired programmers then.

also: is it normal that the percentages stay so consistent over time? 🤨

@sofia @skyr

Seems to remain surprisingly steady after the first 50 votes or so. I wouldn't say that's "not normal", but still noteworthy.

@sofia @skyr @fribbledom I suspect the fediverse remember old IT guys the BBSs. So we feel like at home (and younger) running a pod.

Besides, I am not retired, but when I was a boy, in the late 80s, I was playing with BBS, building my own 300 BAUD modem, etc. So to see this BBS network attracted me, and I speculate this may be the same for many.

@fribbledom I am voting for Perl because AWK, inexplicably, did not get a slot.

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