Round 1, Match 4 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

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I'm just in it for mah boi python!
Python! Python! Python!

@fribbledom Doh, todays vote came out in unfortunate.
C is awesomeness, and I actually liked cobol in certain ways.
In the other I don't even know scala but I voted for it due to being not-perl :P

@fribbledom just started learning C. It' great fun.

Whenever I hear of COBOL people speak in horror of it.

perhaps you should do like 'dinosaur march madness' [a similar, but dinosaur-themed yearly voting tournament] does and each year's winners are retired

because otherwise this feels like it's going to be a very predictable popularity contest every year

@mtknn @fribbledom this is why the linux kernel is developed in Javascript, isn't it?

@fribbledom I voted for C, but COBOL has some real advantages in some situations. In particular, non-programmers can actually make sense of properly written COBOL. In more than one job, I ensured that my programs did what the customer wanted by having the customer review my code. I wouldn't try that with other languages. Certainly not C!

How come it's saying 0 votes when people say they voted?

@fribbledom You mean you were actually able to find 41 people who like COBOL? 😱

@fribbledom Yes, that's a possibility. C is kind of elegant, and it's tiny by today's standards. It's a cute little thing! What's not to love?

COBOL is what drove me out of computer science in 1981. They told me that it was the standard computer language used in business and I should prepare myself for a career of COBOL programming.

Obviously the most wrongheaded advice I've ever gotten.

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