The best thing about the Fediverse is that it bursts all the filter-bubbles I've built up on other social networks over the years ❤️

@fribbledom Until you've created a new one over time? I mean following certain people and not following others sounds like a filter bubble to me.

(Same goes for RSS news feeds for example)

@FSMaxB @fribbledom it might be filters (which is necessary to make sense of social media!), but that doesn't make it _filter bubbles_. A bubble is characterized by being closed without input from outside the bubble.

@zatnosk @fribbledom Ok, I think I see what you mean. The people I follow can post whatever they want (in certain bounds of course, there's a probably a point where every admin will kick you and having your own instance there is a point where the state would intervebe). And you still have the public and federated timelines.

@FSMaxB @zatnosk @fribbledom And I'd say most importantly there's no algorithm deciding what you see. YouTube for example would never show you anything outside the interests it determined you have.

@FSMaxB @fribbledom except you experience everything from everyone on your instance. Which most people at least browse through even to read posts from people they don't follow.

@fribbledom I do the opposite! I'm here for granular filter-control :)

@fribbledom same to an extent for me. I been exposed to much more "meaningful" content on the fediverse compared to twitter. Even though I'm a black sheep on Tue fediverse and don't have the same ideas (politically and not) as others here, I still see less hatred than on twitter.


I wouldn't say the Fediverse is bursting (my) bubbles, as most people I know here have similar views (compared to my offline environment), and I've seen no big clashes, really.

But it's definitely providing a steady stream of views different enough to disagree over but not so different it becomes hard to talk. Which is pretty much my sweet point of having meaningful exchanges.

@fribbledom one a year I remove all my personal mutes and blocks. Some I add back quickly, some not at all. Of the ones I don’t add back, many are because the pink got tired of being a conspiracy pest and isn’t around any more. And a few aren’t added back because I or they or we both are more slack-oriented than we were in the past. Works well enough.

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