Round 1, Match 8 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

@fribbledom Is Prolog an actual programming language? I thought it was a format for describing logic to AI.


Maybe a bit of an edge case (and so are others in the list), but it's Turing-complete, and I still consider it a programming language.

@fribbledom Just because it's Turing complete doesn't mean it can be used for practical programming. Powerpoint, Magic the Gathering and HTML+CSS are all Turing complete.

@StaticallyTypedRice @fribbledom Last time I saw a “proof” of html+css being Turing complete, it was actually a proof that it was P-Space-complete : it needed fuel (expressed as a huge number of html divs) + interactions from the user to actually work. Not really the standard definition of Turing-completeness. If you have a link to a proper proof (I guess that it became easier with the recent additions in CSS), I would be interested 😊

I suggest having a quick look at this webpage, explaining the IO interface of (a dialect of) Prolog: I have seen programing languages being considered programming languages with far less than that.

the "turing completeness" of html+css had a lot of asterisks attached and was a bug that should be fixed for years now.

prolog is a perfectly decent programming language. unlike, say, bash. :v


@fribbledom Fun fact, the C/C++ preprocessor is also Turing complete, so you could in theory rewrite your entire C program completely in preprocessor.

@fribbledom Tempted to vote for bash because it’s the only shell up there, and she’ll scripting in general is wonderful, but really: eff bash.

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