"The growing inaccessibility of science"


"Access options"


Just write an email to the authors, they will gladly send you a copy for free:


Thanks for the heads up, someone also already posted a link to the paper!

Yes, sci-hub is the first avenue for sure. But I found this tip about writing an email to authors mind-blowing, I guess almost nobody realizes this is an option even for the paywalled papers

@chebra @fribbledom I mostly hope that the authors were aware of this when writing their paper, because if they were not, they rapidly need to be *made* aware.

@chebra Not if they're dead.

Sci-Hub / LibGen are vastly faster and more reliable.


@dredmorbius @fribbledom well yes, but I already found some papers that were not available in sci-hub. Or when it was found, but only the fist page. Anyway, my point is that almost nobody realizes that asking the authors for a free copy is a legit option

@fribbledom "more difficult to understand"

Umm, do you not see the giant pay wall about 100 PX *points down* THAT WAY!

They manage to be classist and ableist at the same time, all in one abstract!

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