Round 1, Match 9 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

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@fribbledom Winner of the hearts. Always the wrong ones are losing. 😉

@fribbledom Oh this result is just absurd at this point. How does C++ beat *anything*? Unless we’re going for “cautionary tales in language design”.

@a @fribbledom

It's got potholes and snares, but it can be a great compromise between expressiveness and lowish-level control. The template system, destructors, <algorithm>, lots of great things going on.

Objective-C is just a pointless bastard.

I've never used either, read one or two rants about C++ but from where I'm standing it would seem that there's marginally more projects choosing C++ than objective C ... which means there is probably be something it does better, or at least has done better until recently enough that inertia has prevented more users from migrating away.

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