Round 1, Match 13 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

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its a shame they had to face off in the first round, they're both great languages in their given realms

@fribbledom what sport is this

What is that player doing with the trout

@fribbledom @guenther suggests seeding should be by language age so new hotness faceoffs off entrenched decrepitness instead of other new hotness?

@IceWolf you expressed curiosity and this is an official push notification provided to you by the joint rust/julia evangelism strike force!

@guenther Ah OK, thanks! I had completely forgotten about that, and a) the message was basically just a link, b) you have no avatar set, and c) your bio is basically empty, so I wasn't sure whether you were a spambot randomly tagging me. Guess not!

@IceWolf well thanks for replying instead of reporting then :D

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