Quarterfinals, Match 2 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

@fribbledom How do I vote for burning both, salting the land with radioactive waste, and erecting a "This Place is Not a Place of Honor" sign?

@mdhughes @fribbledom

Seems like a strange take. C++ has its niche just because nothing else tried. rust is the closest thing to a viable replacement we've ever had, though obviously there's the ever present maturity/inertia thing.

But if you want to do away with them both, what would you suggest fill this role? Effing Go? c'mon

@john @fribbledom C or Objective-C are infinitely better langs than C++. It's plausibly a practical joke that got away from Bjarne, nobody would actually make that template system or anything else in it seriously.

Rust is a mistake by people who don't understand memory management by GC or ARC. It serves no purpose at all. Go was designed to be a dumbed-down C/Java for incompetents to do less harm in, but at least it has a memory model.



Go has a memory model, rather than user selected memory models, which is a mistake.

C just gave up on abstractions, which is fine if there's never humans involved.

@john If the programmer is managing memory, they're doing it wrong.

@mdhughes @fribbledom

I'd settle for Modula-2 over either of these.

I'm still sad that assembly lost to Go.

@fribbledom this ones hard because I like C++ but rust has a lot of potential, and is basically just the good parts of C++ plus built-in static analysis. But both of them have rough edges.

@fribbledom of course Rust is gonna win this one, but I'm still impressed by the amount of votes C++ got. I thought it would get a lot more hate

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