Quarterfinals, Match 3 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

@fribbledom didn’t anticipate this one; are there lots of gamedevs on fedi, or is Lua more widely used than game dev?

@jane @fribbledom Lua, an interpreted language, is used for game development? Where performance and response latency is extremely important?

@StaticallyTypedRice @fribbledom yeah, it's widely and extensively used for scripting actors, gameplay mechanics, etc.

rendering and physics obviously use compiled languages most of the time, but scripting runs over the top of that where it's not going to impact performance

@StaticallyTypedRice @jane @fribbledom Lua excels at both of those criteria, and also on the crucial "ease of integration into a hairy game engine codebase" quality axis.

If you take a peek through you'll find Lua embedded in some games that run on shockingly constrained platforms, eg. the PlayStation Portable (RooM) and the 3DS (Super Mario Maker 3DS, cf. )

Lua is a seriously impressive language & implementation(s).

@jane @fribbledom I think the fediverse errs on the side of languages that weren’t made at Google

@fribbledom oh, this will be a close one! Go seems to not have a large community on the fediverse... Or Lua is just really popular? I actually expected go to win this...

@fin_ger Go (like PHP, C++, and Java) has a significant hatedom who will downvote it relative to almost anything.


@fribbledom this is legit suprising
@sir boost this please xD

@pounce @fribbledom @sir in what ways? besides, this is a popularity contest

@mendel @fribbledom @sir
i just feel as the "lets have as few ways to do something as possible" languages, lua does it better since it's designed as a small embedded language rather than a systems one.

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