On to the semis in the Programming Language World Championships!

Only four languages are left now:

Python - Rust
Lua - C

@fribbledom >haskell lost to bash
>c and lua got in semi final
I have officially lost all faith in humanity
@cereal @fribbledom yeah
it's probbaly gonna be either rust either c winning
i'm not sure which one is better

@tuxcrafting @fribbledom Haskell is unintelligible for a lot of people (... and I say this as someone who hacked Perl for 10 years), and there's a lot of Linux fanatics in fediverse who don't care to know any other shell exists.

As I expressed elsewhere, I think, C has a certain allure that's hard to deny. Things were simpler, then (and slower, not just in tech but life), and I think a lot of the affection for C is actually wanting things to go back to those simpler times.

@tuxcrafting @fribbledom It's not exactly nostalgia, I don't think, it's more... a rejection of the complexity that has built up around C that has made it so obvious that it has problems.

A related, big part of it for me is the experience of hacking C on Unix for me. Tools like make and cscope and ctags and man all work wonderfully with C. There's a ... design aesthetic, I think, of old school tools, as well, that just makes my heart sing. cargo doesn't do that for me. Unix philosophy maybe?

@fribbledom Lua is pretty certainly out, but I really don't know about the rest.

@fribbledom I am thinking C vs Rust in the final round with C winning overall but I would not be surprised if Python beats Rust.

If C does not win, there is something truly wrong with the world 😝

C's type system can go jump in a lake. Null-terminated strings were a horrid idea. C's compilation model is griefing. Also it's as close to the metal as a PDP-11 is to scatter-gather.

@Freyaday @fribbledom
It's horrible.
But it's like the Unimog of those languages. It may not be pretty, efficient, easy to drive, or cheap to use, but it will go anywhere 😜

I'll grant you that. The proliferation of C compilers for multiferous platforms is a pretty big boon for the language; it is designed to be relatively easy to write a compiler for, despite what that does to the rest of the language.

@CreatureOfTheHill @fribbledom "if C wins there is something truly wrong with the world"

there, fixed it. C is a horrible language.

Programming languages
- Effective
- Beautiful
- Efficient
Pick two 😜

To steal from Keith Bontrager who said of bicycle parts: "Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick Two."

@fribbledom I will say that I find these matchups to be ... unexpected. I don't see many of the languages, from the very start, as in the same domains. Perl and Scala? Bash and Prolog? Was this intentional? What was the reasoning for it?


Nah, besides a handful of seeds the tournament was randomized.

@leralle Python gewinnt gegen Fortran (Nein! Doch! Doh!) und Ruby fliegt gegen Rust raus und Lua schlägt Go?

Was ist denn das für ein drolliger Contest?

@sr_rolando ich habe schon seit der ersten runde immer für ruby und gegen python gestimmt, hat nix gebracht!

@leralle Du bist berechenbar.

Aber was sind denn das für alberne Zweiergruppen? In der ersten Runde tritt Assembler gegen Erlang an? Äpfel, Birnen? 😳

@leralle Lustiges Spiel. Muss ich beim nächsten Mal auch mitmachen.

@fribbledom #plwc2020 I will force myself to learn Python if it beats C in this contest.

@StaticallyTypedRice @fribbledom I know, but I've never learned it and I never felt the need or a strong desire to learn it. This contest might be a good indication that I should learn it anyways.

@Lofenyy Trouble is, so many of these languages just server VASTLY different purposes. In particular, the finalists "C and Python". There's no project on God's Green Earth that would be equally reasonable to do in either language. One or the other will be the clear platform of choice.

@saramg I kinda vaguely know that, but I have no idea when it's appropriate to use python over C, so I figure I should learn it anyways. I guess I'll make myself learn it sooner if it wins.

@fribbledom Very fun, thank you for setting up this contest!

I find it weird that Java beat Clojure in the first round, but then got beaten by "Lisp" in the next round 🤔 Sheer curiosity: did you have any particular dialect of Lisp in mind when you included this name in the contest?


Not really, but if I'm asked I'm pretending I meant CommonLisp.

@fribbledom OK, I see 😄

I'm surprised so many people still use Common Lisp, and not a variant of Scheme (Racket, Guile, etc.). Yeah, I know, my remark makes no sense because you can't guarantee people understood you pretended to mean Common Lisp 😄


A little late now, since the championships finished tonight, but it was done by polls on Mastodon:

Two matches per day, users vote, winner advances to the next round.

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