1st Semifinal of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

Python advanced to this round with wins over Object Pascal, Fortran and Lisp, while Rust battled it out against Julia, Ruby and C++.

Who will make it to the big final?

@fribbledom you realize that some of us (me) don't know jack about this, and are just picking the ones with the coolest names, right? #Python

@fribbledom I've never really used rust, but the whole Python 2.7-3.x debacle has left me less than happy. Also really looking forward to the redox-os being developed entirely in rust 😃

@fribbledom Would have loved to see the #python vs. #rust duel in the final #plwc2020 round.

@Johann150 Kind of ;-) - happy about the final round being these languages, sad about Rust being second, but still happy it got that many votes considering its age.

@silwol Yup, and also to consider it beat C in the semifinals :ac_dazzle:

@fribbledom #rust #rustlang

All my fellow #rustacean #rustaceans lets win this!

Please #retoot for maximum visibility in your rust bubble, so we can win this!


Haven't planned for one, but sure, why not... let's do one.

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