I think I dig this icon theme called "Candy" 馃槏

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@fribbledom it looks pretty but i hate it. i鈥檇 love it for 3 seconds at a time in a movie or a videogame, but the thin lines and weak colours kill the distinctive sillouettes at small sizes. i don鈥檛 have a problem with you enjoying in the privacy of your own home but i an sick of these bad design trends being forced on me in app or os updates.


Fwiw, it's a totally optional theme. I may or may not switch back in a couple of days or weeks, myself. We'll see 馃檪

@fribbledom related: the trend of masking avatars in circles, also killing my ability to recognise or distinguish anything at small sizes

@fribbledom : it would be cool if it autogenned an icon gradient based upon the file/application name but that would require too many integrations, probably.

Tried kde again and used it with the sweat them pack. Tbh, every time i use kde i install it. I love it that much


I think you mean "sweet", but yes I agree, it's a great theme!

@fribbledom It's pretty good. Been using it for a couple of monthes. It works well with it's GTK skin called Sweet, by the same guy.

@fribbledom these themes are great and beautiful but the moment you add an app that doesn't have an icon it throws the whole thing out and looks terrible!
Now an icon theme generator that could create a new icon and use it every time a on unsupported app was installed would be another matter...

@fribbledom Its consistent, I'll give it that. But I'd like color variation to help my memorization of what is what without having to read titles.

For things specific to the desktop environment: I think it beats the default monochrome ones. For other applications: No way am I overriding them, not even the badly-designed ones.
I want to recognize applications on all systems, and that means using the original icons which come with them. A theme which limits visual diversity is not helping with that, no matte how nice it may look

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