The LFS documentation is really amazingly good!

If you're interested in GNU/Linux I can only recommend doing this once in your life, you'll learn a lot!

@fribbledom I used this as my main OS (with Stow for package management) for about six months some time in the early 00's. It was quite enlightening.

@mgrondin @fribbledom This post makes me sad.

I feel such posts discourage people from using Linux. I feel it sends a message “only become a Linux user if you want to compile things from scratch”.

I feel such takes discourage non-technical people from using Linux. And I'd like more non-technical people to use it (which means more Linux users who will never compile Linux from scratch).

That was not the intention of this post. I can't speak for @fribbledom but for me it's like this.

Come to linux(Ubuntu,Linux mint...) after using it a while if you want to know how a distribution comes together then walking through LFS is a great way. Even in a VM. The LFS book is really great with describing what's going on.

@mgrondin @fribbledom I agree that LFS could be a good way to understand Linux under-the-hood.

But not everyone needs to undestand Linux under-the-hood.

You might spend your time compiling Linux, and this is great.

But others might spend time, e.g., compiling dictionaries, and this is also a worthy thing to do.

I don't compile a dictionary before using it (even though lexicography is very fascinating and enlightening). Similarly, I don't want to compile my software. I leave this to people I trust, and spend my time some other things instead.

@lime nothing wrong with that either. No one is forcing anyone to do LFS. @fribbledom

@fribbledom It’s on my todo list some day. I just know that one day will turn into many days!

@fribbledom I have done it a couple of times and it is very solid. You would expect a bunch of oversights and things that need to be tweaked constantly but nope, it's spot on.

I did this years ago. Loved every step of it.
Sadly enough it did not turn my old pentium into a super computer even though I used every optimization trick.

However using distcc to compile a full KDE desktop, that felt pretty badass.

@fribbledom oh my ... 7h30 livestream 🤩 this true passion haha

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