It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

@fribbledom yes, I always suspected introverts were the next evolution of humans. Only we will survive all these pandemics!

@fribbledom I keep wanting to be an introvert but I failed. But, at least if I can talk over the computer, it helps relieve some of the extrovert desires.

Why do you want to be different?
Be happy with who you are.

@fribbledom I'm vaguely aware that it's a thing, but until it's as big a problem as ordinary flu or traffic accidents then it's just another minor background hazard.

@fribbledom I'm mostly convinced that the more virulent strains will be contained and this will end being cold virus 2...
But hey, this is evolution at work!

@fribbledom Says "we all need to work together"

States the exact opposite six times in a row.

Haha no doubt. The way of life is catching on with others through extreme suffering.

@fribbledom a whole generation of introverts hiding in their goblin holes of a room will be the only ones to survive.

lb: Coronavirus Infographic telling you to stay at home and avoid all social contact.

@fribbledom DAMN! I need a poster of this, so I can hang it on my wall! Cause it are the basic instructions of my life! 😲

@fribbledom when the modern plague that kills half the world population hits, introverts will be the survivors.

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