@fribbledom I've had a friend who did this, I think it actually worked out for him relatively alright
@fribbledom I don't think he used it as his boot drive though that's a bit crazy

"This is only a proof of concept at this stage - don't use this for anything serious."

Still pretty much awesome project

@fribbledom am i the only one around here who doenst get it ?

@kiudecan @fribbledom Someone (see github link) wrote an btrfs filesystem driver for Windows, and a modified Windows bootloader that's able to boot it off an btrfs filesystem.

@fribbledom @cstrotm Was only a matter of time after ReactOS had it ;)

This is something Microsoft would have offered ages ago if "the market" worked as it's supposed to. This and a decent shell. And ... lots of other things. Lots.

@fribbledom I love btrfs. It's like buutteeeer~
Well at least in the way of mass storage, because that's what I currently use it for.

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