This just deserved a special place on the wall. Possibly the first "proper" operating system I ran.


It's actually a stiff cardboard material. You could check out eBay, but this particular one I've been dragging around with me since the early 90s - back when I used OS/2. I think it actually came with the floppy disks and manuals in a huge box.

@fribbledom I remember OS/2 for Windows very fondly. Ran Windows 3.1 programs very happily. Sad it never took off.

@fribbledom I still have nightmares about installing OS/2 from floppy disks... 😱

@fribbledom Seriously, the graphic design around OS/2 was better than any operating system, before or since, by several orders of magnitude

@fribbledom The preceding pseudo-OS being, I presume, DOS? I wouldn't really count DOS either.

@fribbledom A similar situation to DOS. They're both not much more than shells and collections of libraries for hardware access.

@fribbledom letztes Jahr hatte ich mir ne ArcaOS-Lizenz gekauft und es auch auf richtiger Hardware installiert :). Es ist erstaunlich, was erreicht wurde, aber so für den Alltag ist das schon vergleichsweise langsam. Aber es funktioniert erstaunlich gut :). Auch die Installation ist gut gemacht.

Similar here. DX was very important, I didn't want to have an SX. And I bought it with 8MB RAM, where 4 MB was standard at that time. #oldwarstories 😃

@fribbledom The first genuine multi-tasking operating systems for PCs and, typical of IBM, lazily ditched in favour of the more popular Windows 3.1

@fribbledom I remember waking my parents by yelling "Open. Open! OPEN god damn it" at my OS/2 warp on a sunday morning. Nope, that voice recognition didn't work very well but it was soo cool [for 3 days] 🤓

@fribbledom I previously used AtariDos, Dos, Desqview, and Slackware Linux before moving to OS/2 finally, but it was the best OS for several years there.

@fribbledom I loved the desktop interface. No menu bar. Everything was an object. Just right-click for the menu.

Then the interface gets spoiled once you go into an application. That's back to the old Windows/Mac paradigm with the menu bar at top. I still think they could have carried the right-click-only paradigm into the applications somehow.

@fribbledom Damn shame Microsoft won the PC O/S wars because OS/2 was superior to Windows. Amiga O/S was pretty decent too.

@fribbledom I have the latest OS/2, ArcaOS. It's still hanging around. Unfortunately, it did go through a period where it became very hard to use, so I finally switched to Linux for my main OS. Still have never had to use Windows at home. :-)

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