Collecting video games isn't much of a hobby, it's more of an obsession 😂

@fribbledom Whoa. That's an impressive collection you've got there. When did you start it?


The oldest stuff in there is from the early 80s, but my "obsession" probably started some 15 years ago.

@fribbledom Wow. My oldest stuff is from the mid 80's I think, for the Commodore 64.

@hummingrain @moiety

Just don't buy games digitally, really. You'll pay extra $$$ and actually end up owning nothing but a (temporary) license to play.

@fribbledom @moiety it's hard to find physical copies of some things these days. A lot of the time publishers don't seem to make them anymore (especially for PC)

@moiety @hummingrain @fribbledom

USB DVD (or BD) drives are available, and don't need replaced frequently.

That said, I didn't buy any commercial games until I started getting Humble Bundles.

Some game developers, like Electronic Arts, require you to use their DRM-based system regardless of whether you purchase media or not. Even owning media only gives you a revocable usage license. (This is how Windows 10 now works, too.)

@yam655 @hummingrain @fribbledom this is true. I've got an external DVD burner in a drawer. But I'm not sacrificing a USB port for that. There are enough cables coming out of my PC :drake_dislike:

@moiety @yam655 @fribbledom what if you plugged everything into a hub? Then you could have only one cable running out of your PC!

@hummingrain @yam655 @fribbledom not sure that would help in this case 😂.

Maybe I run the screen over USB-c and only have that connected to the PC. But that would still leave the speaker cables. Not sure I would want to switch those to wireless. And I’m not sure there’s a way to connect those to the screen.

@fribbledom @hummingrain @moiety a lot of new drm-free games are on, some on the humble store.

@fn @fribbledom @moiety true! I love GoG and, I wish everyone put their games out there. Humble is also rad

@fribbledom I used to have a collection kinda like that, if you drop most of the disc based games in favor of more cartridge ones. I miss it a bit :bowie_sad:

I did save a few of my favorite pieces though, like an NES GBA SP!

Your collection looks pretty rad


I see a disturbing void of neo geo here!

Perhaps @debugninja can chime in on his original Xbox horde?

@Clifford @fribbledom lol it’s all in boxes because I am getting ready to move but I hope to have space for a proper game room going forward.

I only have about 150 / 800 of the original Xbox right now but I’m going for all of them.

@debugninja @Clifford

Now I wanna play Conker real bad 😂

Take good care of them!

@debugninja @Clifford

"Fun fact": there's actually a Conker plush hidden on my photo. Can you find it? 😄

@debugninja @Clifford @fribbledom MARBLE MADNESS! :-) Brings great memories like WHY THE FUCK HAVE YOU TO GO LEFT INSTEAD AND FALL YOU BLOODY.....!

@fribbledom Collecting recorded music on plastic is a devastating addiction.

There is only one game on the study shelf...
It's *sort of* a video game.
Just very low resolution 😜

Liking the collection. 👍 😀

We enjoyed many, but donated all but the oddities we still play long since.

Yeah, I am too.
I just kinda don't feel like playing games like I used to.
Kinda wish I did sometimes.

@fribbledom I collect Matrix stuff. Ive got it on almost every format from VHS to UHD. it's odd the stuff we collect.

@fribbledom also A+ for front-facing Far Cry 2, that game is great

@fribbledom My physical collections have had to be shrunken and rebuilt over the years, so not nearly as impressive.

I tend to buy digital for convenience/use and in addition physical for those special ones.

I do still have a shelf for fallout :D

@fribbledom 😱 A GameGear!! So already freed a space for the Nintendo PlayStation? 😉

@fribbledom What do you use for your shelving, because, uh, I need.

@fribbledom a great hobby. I wish I still had my collection and box art. Surprised to see Combat in there since most people only had it as a VCS/2600 system include.

@fribbledom very impressive but why two copies of NES California Games? 🧐


It happens if you buy an entire stack of games on eBay. You'll inevitably end up with dupes.

@fribbledom ahhh well I have four sealed copies of Ice Hockey so I shouldn’t judge

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