I was predicting this to come... years ago 😂

GitHub Discussions Beta (an example repo):

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@fribbledom It's basically issues without state, isn't it?

I guess it's good as an outlet to avoid random discussion in issues, but I don't like that github is gaining another layer of lock-in.

It's great for github obviously, and I can see how people would benefit from having GFM with issues linking and whatnot.

How feasible would it be to have say a Gitea plugin for Discourse that would enable the same thing?

@clacke @fribbledom

The difference to "Issues" :
It got a sexy "arrow up" icon.
One Issue can have a fully fledged proactive-green checkmark icon.

These are great Microsoft inventions.
The UI developers deserve their holidays.

"Do one thing and do it well." But they also did not even try to be innovative.

Does every web service need to be turned into a social network? *rolls eyes*

@fribbledom wohoo yet another feature. I wonder when they reach this small think "add IPv6 support" and "AAAA records set" checkbox.

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