When your chatbot turns out to be a hipster programmer:

The SQL hard drive is down, hack the optical interface so we can connect the COM bus!

If we bypass the monitor, we can get to the XSS pixel through the open-source PCI capacitor!

Indexing the monitor won't do anything, we need to index the 1080p FTP sensor!

If we override the port, we can get to the XML alarm through the neural RSS feed!

The USB matrix is down, transmit the bluetooth monitor so we can program the AI feed!

You know, I wouldn't even be surprised if one of these sentences eventually started making sense.

"Remember when we couldn't get to the XML alarms because neural RSS feeds weren't invented yet? - Yeah dude, wild times!"

@fribbledom synergise the mainframe for increased BIOS gigabits over LTP1 protocol.

@fribbledom those are some grade a hollywood hacker lines

@NHG @fribbledom No joke; these read like they're right out of the scripts for NCIS.

@fribbledom > hack the optical interface so we can connect the COM bus

Hate the idea of running RS-232 serial over an optical interface and using it to run a hard disk.

@alexbuzzbee @fribbledom see, this is where it's important to be precise. I thought they were talking about the Toslink audio interface.

@fribbledom ngl i want a neural rss feed so I don't have to catch up with all my shit all the time if I decide not to use my laptop for half a day lol

@fribbledom A USB matrix would have sounded a lot better than a hub.

@fribbledom It is getting dumb sentences from IT characters in series, right ? 😛

@fribbledom you can't fool us. This is from a Hollywood hacker movie script

Ist it even legal to publish this? I don't know what those things are but some sure sound illegal. You might be giving cybercriminals (cybercriminal hackers? Criminal cyberhackers? ... you know who I mean) ideas!

Just like that movie Matrix where the hacking was so realistic that some real criminals used the same commands!

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