@fribbledom Meanwhile I'm patting myself on the back because I figured out how to put a box around something. 😅

@fribbledom Oh, wow! Super! I might dive back into CSS again!

@fribbledom my browser is set to dark mode, so they all have black eyes, and… i don't like it 😥

@fribbledom Shared that at work and somebody said, "It would have been better to do it in SVG." What

Neat, and I had no idea that was possible!

Looking at the code, it kinda reminds me of SVG, except it must have been much harder to put together than drawing them in Inkscape, and if you zoom in you can see the seams.

--> Nice demonstration of what CSS can do these days but I don't expect it to catch on. I'd actually much rather see proper SVG support in more places. (Looking at you, #LibreOffice!)

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